Dear Team, first of all congratulations for opening of new store. I liked the colour combination and quality of product and also with 60 % discount, it is value for money to me. Best Wishes regards

Neha Jain

Nice collection & Good Service fully satisfied.

Aarav Sharma

Good collection for all sets and all is nice colours.

Riya Patel

Colours are attractive

Arjun Singh

I was very glad for the service rendered by you. Sales Girl Kiran is very helpful and perfect in suggestive selling.

Kiran Sharma

Looks goods staff. Will come with family for buying it for sure.

Anaya Gupta

Good experience to shop, Very genuine price & very cordial staff.

Devika Verma

The product range are good stock look so cool and calm. Store ambiance was so good.

Aryan Kapoor

Good varieties & discount too.

Kavya Shah

Amazing variety and quality. Good price range and loved shopping here

Rohan Joshi

Great store, Style & Material Superb staff.

Nisha Singhania

Nice staff very cooperative and good Brand.

Siddharth Gupta

Service is too good. So, I am buying looking for the well behaviour.

Yash Patel

Great choice of T-Shirt. Good help provide by Rakhi.

Meera Desai

Visited AMSWAN store for the first time. Purchased 4 article love the colors.

Advait Khanna

Nice T-Shirts all sizes are available.

Anika Chatterjee

Great stuff, Rakhi & Shalu are best staff over here. Very Understandable.

Ishita Sharma

Great stuff, Rakhi & Shalu are best staff over here. Very Understandable.

Shaan Malhotra

Customer Testimonials


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