The #AmSwan Story

We present to you India’s best athleisure brand. We claim this title by bringing to you the reigning international trends at affordable prices for you at your doorstep at a click.

Our journey began some eons ago; armed with more than two decades of experience in the lifestyle retail industry. Our mission to cloth India with superior quality merchandise took shape and we were the leader in the casual wear category.

Fast Forward to 2020; we saw the market for fashion and sportswear coming together and decided to launch Am Swan - India’s first indigenous Athleisure brand.

We are a digital-first brand and our tagline #MoveIt reflects our mission to get India active, healthy, and moving. Our clothing has thus been constructed so you lead an active lifestyle, and be stylish and comfortable.

Our Collections

With much thought in designing with you in mind; we present these three collections

- Heritage: Inspired by the British flag, we have taken elements of the global fashion icon, the Union Jack, and interpreted its preppy colors of red, white and blue to design a range that aims to unite people around the world.

- Joy of Colors: We believe colors inspire our mood and define our daily life. Our global color palette introduces a fantastic element of style with saturated colors and joyful gradients to give you an energetic experience.

- Abstract: Unique and stylish, showcasing the sophisticated you with AmSwan’s collection of three-dimensional features and geometric patterns incorporating bold shapes and artistic structures to your overall look.

The globally-inspired amalgamation of heritage, colors and abstract designs, and patterns makes our collection unique and stands out from the crowd.

Am Swan equals Superior Quality Apparel

We at #AmSwan are meticulous about the fabric and trims. Our clothing is made of cotton and cotton rich blend is bio-washed. This offers ample breathability, tensility, and softness than other regular cotton clothes.

We ensure the finest combed cotton yarns are picked for your clothing. This lends a soft sheen and luxurious feel to each garment. The colors are bright, don't fade with time, and are protected from everyday wash and wear. Am Swan clothing is the next best to skin for you.