Can athleisure clothing make you look trendy and smart at the same time.

Can athleisure clothing make you look trendy and smart at the same time.

I personally love sportswear and love using it in high fashion. - Stella McCartney. 

Do you enjoy living in cool Athleisure looks and sporty sweats? Athleisure has been ruling the ramp and the streets for a while now, right from a gym look to the airport look as endorsed by our celebrities on their Insta profile. 

You will love the comfort of this latest style statement - Athleisure. Embrace your Active look be it at the airport or during fitness sessions. Athleisure styles that you should adapt are: 

A mix of function and fashion: Perfectly wear the Athleisure look by making it a mix of function and fashion, in terms of the outfits that you buy and how you integrate it into your closet. By fusing fashion wear like a leather jacket, jeans, or heels with Athleisure wear pieces like sweatpants, sneakers, or a sports bra, you will be able to get a well-balanced look. 

Besides this, if you keep an eye out for Athleisure pieces which are sports-inspired and comfortable yet chic and smart, you can invest in only the best Athleisure clothing. To be specific, on-trend aesthetics mixed with high-performance fabric is the best pick to look stylish.

Dress up according to the occasion: You need to ensure whether it is apt to wear Athleisure wear out of the gym or not. Even though we are aware that Athleisure is not the style one would want to wear for a wedding or at a job interview, it is bang on to be worn for a casual lunch, shopping soiree or a sundowner. 

The thumb rule is that the more formal the location or occasion, the more stylish your outfit oughta be. If the occasion is casual, the dress can be more functional and chic. 

Accessorize yourself: Always accessorize is the thumb rule even for Athleisure clothing. Amp up your casual look by accessorizing your Athleisure look appropriately. Add a personal style and touch to your activewear by accessorizing it with a baseball cap, a pair of aviators, casual shoes or a stylish backpack that can work perfectly.

Also, do not skip jewellery. By adding jewellery you will add the perfect street style touch to your Athleisure look, but remember not to overdo it. A simple and elegant pair of silver or gold hoop earrings or a simple chain necklace and cuff bracelet is all that you require to style it. 

How to wear Athleisure clothing: Wear sports garments under fashion items, like a sports bra underneath a leather jacket or leggings under a chic coat. Make slides and sneakers your go-to footwear. Pair leggings with longer tops or tie a shirt around your waist. 

Replace your blazer with a bomber jacket or just match a sporty T-shirt with tailored pieces. You can also pair a crop top with high-waist pants for an easy and stylish Athleisure look.

Wear what is comfortable: Lastly, and most importantly, wear what feels most comfortable. The core mantra is to always feel good about what you are wearing during your workouts. A comfortable and plush outfit will always bring better results and better performance in whatever you do. 

Follow seasonal Athleisure wear trends to get your desired look. It is an accepted fact to wear Athleisure clothing when you go out shopping. With a large number of people who focus on wellness and health, fitness has come more at the forefront of their minds than it was before. Stay comfortable and stay easy without sacrificing your style with our Athleisure options crafted from the finest fabrics for your comfort. To know more and to grab your personal style piece, click here