How to style athleisure t-shirts for your workout routine this season

How to style athleisure t-shirts for your workout routine this season

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The best Athleisure clothing for your workout is the one that makes working out stylish and comfortable!

The clothes you choose to wear for your workout have a great impact on how you will feel during and after exercising. Post an intense session, you may feel tired and exhausted and might also be covered in sweat. Various factors affect the comfort that workout clothes give you, which includes the fabric that the clothes are made up of and also the type of exercise you will be doing.

Always focus on the fit and fabric:

One should always keep in mind that they do not want any clothes that get in the way of the activity they are doing. To ensure that the clothes you choose for your workout, you shall keep in mind the following tips:

  • Prefer choosing clothes that are comfortable and are crafted from high-quality breathable fabric. 
  • If you are biking or running, it is advisable to avoid loose pants or wide-leg pants which may get tangled up in the feet or pedals. 
  • When planning to do activities such as Pilates, or yoga, fitted yet stretchy fabrics that provide for easy movement and wick the sweat away are a great choice.

Change of workout clothes with the season:

If you play seasonal sports or exercise outdoors, what you will wear will change with the season. Certain tips to be kept in mind when getting ready for outdoor exercise:

Cold weather: Dress warmly if it is cold outside, but also keep in mind that you will be boosting your body temperature and heart rate. Wear layers that you will be able to remove, and always dress up for weather that will be warmer than what the thermometer outside will say. Keep an insulated layer on the top.  

Hot weather: During the hot months of summer, ensure that you choose a breathable fabric that lets the sweat wick away easily and let your skin breathe. You should have ease of movement in whatever you wear. 

Windy or wet days: Nothing would ruin a workout faster than being soaked in the rain or a strong windstorm. Wear a layer on the outer that will keep your skin protected. 

Keep yourself comfortable with clothing designed for exercises. A perfect bridge between stylish and comfortable outfits is the key to stylish Athleisure wear. 

People's desire to choose something smart and yet comfy was the reason Athleisure outfits have seen growth in popularity. Nowadays, funky sports shoes and smart yoga pants have also become a part of office wear. People today are more focused on living a stylish life, rather than simply just accommodating to a normal lifestyle.

Ways to pair and wear Athleisure clothing:

Mesh tops and sports bras: Flaunt your summer body and go bold with sports bras paired with mesh tops. A regular spaghetti inside a mesh top is old, say a yes to the fabulous sports bra. Complete this look with minimalistic accessories. 

Sports shoes and dresses: Loose-fitted sports tee dresses are very chic these days. To give a smart appearance, such sport dresses can easily be paired with sports shoes or sneakers. To complete the entire look with big hoops and messy half-bun would do wonders. 

Hoodie and gym shorts: The latest fashion game is trending gym shorts. The oversized hoodie looks cool with shorts and sports shoes. 

A regular T-shirt with yoga pants: Yoga pants are not casual anymore. Cool graphic yoga pants with mesh detailing will the heart. Therefore, cooler bottoms deserve plain tees and tops. Rock the look. By pairing yoga pants with plain tees and tops. 

Accessory: Never forget accessories no matter how casual or fun Athleisure wear may be. And do not go overboard with chunky jewelry. Keep the jewelry minimal, where the bare minimum would be a pretty bag that goes great with your entire outfit. 

Fitness is now motivated to remain stylish. Athleisure wear is the trending mantra now. Take a step towards getting fit, and we at AmSwan have the right fashion+function clothing available for you! Click here to grab yours today!